Herzlich willkommen in Apulien, dem Absatz des Stiefels Italien. - Roadbook Cycle Route N.6 Network Bicitalia

Welcome to Apulia!


We are glad to give you the opportunity to discover our resorts and our traditions, our art and our gastronomy and most of all they will make you enjoy the warm hospitality of our land. Charming countryside, old towns, cathedrals and castles, churches and convents, country houses and masserie; they all will prove to be the ideal settings for the experiences we invite you to live, in order to discover the magic of a land full of history, where your inland journey will turn into an unforgettable inner experience.

In order to discover the colours of Apulia, you can come down here in the autumn or spring, the best times for cycling when temperatures are perfect. In autumn you will find a green Apulia, the green of olive trees and grapevines flourishing in this period of the year. In the spring time you will find the trees in bloom, multicoloured meadows full of poppies and daisies. And you may be lucky enough to discover the amazing violet wild orchidsin the grass. But you can also come over here in the winter to enjoy the view of the slight slopes of the Murgia, in the heart of Apulia, covered with a wide expanse of oaks and red durmast contrasting with the dark green of the evergreen holm oaks. In the summertime instead, the red of cherries and the green of almonds trees characterize our countryside; that is the time of the year when the ploughed soil goes reddish and dries up forming arid clods contrasting the gleaming white of the trulli; when the infinite blue of the sky meets sea, surrounding amazing salentine coasts. Those are the colours of Apulia, that will strike you all year round, and the pleasure of your holiday will  be increased by the pleasant discovery of the richness of its gastronomic tradition, which skilfully changes the simple products of the soil and of the sea into sumptuous and delicious dishes.

We wait for you!

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